Bentonite clay (200g)

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Bentonite clay will give your hair LIFE. This clay will cleanse, define, add moisture and shine to your hair! Bentonite clay is essential in any haircare and skincare routine!


Bentonite clay is made of is made up of volcanic ash. This clay is known to have an abundance of minerals. Bentonite clay is extremely useful to absorb toxic metals from your hair and face. 

Bentonite clay is known as the detox and cleanse clay. This makes it not only useful as a hairmask, but also as a facemask. 

For the face:
The absorbing working of the clay counteract acne, eczema and other skin issues.

For the hair:
Bentonite clay removes build-up, cleanse, defines, adds moisture, adds shine and reduces frizz. It also restores the pH of the hair.

How to use it?
Mix 2-3 tablespoons of bentonite with 7-8 tablespoons of warm water or apple cider vinegar. The amount used for the hair depends on the length and thickness of the hair. Blend the mixture until smooth and spreadable. Let the bentonite clay soak into your hair for 15-20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

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200g/7.1 oz