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Showing 1-12 of 23 item(s)

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Curl Defining Styling Gel

Price €16.95

This is THE styling gel you have been searching for, it gives your curls the shine en hold they need. In other words: it will give your curls LIFE. The gel doesn't contain silicones, sulfates, parabens or bad (drying) alcohol. 

Bentonite clay (200g)

Price €5.49

Bentonite clay will give your hair LIFE. This clay will cleanse, define, add moisture and shine to your hair! Bentonite clay is essential in any haircare and skincare routine!

White Kaolin Clay

Price €4.49

Is your hair lifeless and can it use a boost? Look no further! White Kaolin is the clay that gives your hair a big boost.

Bentonite Herbal Mix

Price €14.95

The Bentonite Herbal Mix strengthens the hair and enhances the hair growth. The mix contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. Everything you need to give your hair a big boost!

Tropical Vitamin Bomb Hair Mask

Price €17.95

Imagine yourself in a tropical atmosphere with the Tropical Vitamin Bomb Hair Mask. This mask is a lifesaver for your dried-out locks. It is packed with vitamins! Only the best for your hair.

Sweet Vanilla Hair Milk

Price €17.95

Is your hair dried out? Is your hair unmanageable because of the dryness?  You need this Hair Milk in your life! It will revive your hair again. This moisturizer wil illuminate the thirst of your hair! 

Hello Fresh Hair Shampoo

Price €18.95

Washing your hair will be fun with this shampoo. Your hair is thoroughly cleaned, but also intensely nourished. Hello fresh healthy hair!